Welcome at the International FRS DX Group.
Sunday, March 25th 2012

The FRS Group, partner of website PMR446 / LPD433, is dedicated to the promotion of radiocommunication on VHF / UHF free bands since 2008.

The main activity of the Group is the distribution of QRZ for users of UHF portable (standards PMR446 / dPMR446 / DMR446 / LPD433, FRS462 for North America, 422Mhz for Japan, 476Mhz for Australia, SRD860 , etc.) or VHF on 149Mhz freenet band (in Germany only).

27 MHz radio key players are also welcome, because the FRS QRZs can also be used on this band.

International FRS DX Group offers you:

- a FREE registration and availability within 48 hours of your radio QRZ and for life;
- being member of an International Group, represented in over 36 countries.
- the right using your QRZ freely on all UHF free bands (446Mhz, 433Mhz, FRS, according autorizations in your country);
- to use your QRZ in CB/27Mhz for DX contacts;
- an international listing online, updated every 48 hours;

FRS Group doesn't offer you:

- membership card (remember me the interest of a club radio membership?)
- QSL cards (Everyone can create her own custom QSL card with a computer and printing on demand);
- representing you in front of a gouvernmental committee (CB27 in Europe is always with 40 channels/4w from the 80s in despite all the dues paid by members of "officials Club");
- Radio Emergency (local/district associations establish an excellent job for over 30 years. No reason replacing these volunteers in their work).

You can follow FRS Group and informations about PMR446, FRS, GMRS, LPD433, on Twitter PMR446.